What is a Smart Voice UI?

SmartVoiceUI is a new, revolutionary way to collect data and interact with web and mobile applications using natural language processing (NLP) modules. 

This groundbreaking solution delivers the most intuitive AI powered voice interface, which users can adapt to their daily operations, replacing traditional typing methods. It allows inspectors, auditors or technicians to fill out complex forms and capture data much faster and easier, saving their businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. The solution also allows users to dial in and fill out the form this way.

SmartVoiceUI can be integrated on top of existing solutions and infrastructure or as a brand new, white-labeled platform. It will be offered as a custom implementation, which will be deployed to the customer at a fraction of the cost and up to five times faster than traditional software delivery methods.

  • Work smarter using any iOS or Android device. Collect data online or offline using your natural language. Fill out forms twice faster than typing.
  • Implement SmartVoiceUI for your daily operations and save most valuable assets each company has: time and money.
  • Make smart decisions based on the data collected from the field and IoT devices. Analyze it or visualize it on the powerful BI boards and graphs.

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