Digital Form Builder

Our Digital Form Builder provides a flexible, easy to use interface for creating and managing digital forms. Users can build forms that feature a versatile range of field types, which include photos and signatures. Once the form is created and published, it appears on the web and mobile apps.

Submission Management and Workflows

Smart Field Forms platform provides and easy to use and understand email-like interface for managing submissions and workflows. Once a submission is received, it automatically goes to the responsible person’s “Inbox”.

Scheduling and Task Management

Our platform provides a simple interface for managing tasks with a simple list or a Kanban board with status columns. Simply drag the task between columns to update the status. Once the tasks are completed, they can be archived for record keeping.

User Management

The platform provides a quick and easy way to organizes uses into groups and access levels. The forms, submissions, and tasks are only visible to the approprate user group and access level.

Mobile Applications

Native mobile applications are availble for Android and iOS users. When online, mobile applications download forms and tasks to the local storage allowing offline functionality for tasks and submissions. If the connection is not present, the transactions are stored locally and are synced with the server once connection becomes available.

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